Sneak Peak at ‘Evershades’ by Dale Spiller

Evershades’ is a fiction novel by Dale Spiller. Suitable for ages 18+, it is available as a paperback or an e-book for Kindle, Apple iPad and Apple iPhone.

Here’s a sneak peak inside:

   “What is in there?” called Bret.
   “Take a look,” replied Tom as he took a step back.
   Bret stepped up and was immediately hit by the warm humid air that was trapped under the canvas. He took off his shades as they had completely misted up. ‘Bloody hell,’ he thought as he looked at the alligators. He turned to Tom. “They don’t look real, do they? Not one of them is moving. They are like logs.”
   Suddenly the cover was lifted on the other side and Mike appeared. “This will wake them up,” he said as he emptied a bucket of raw meat into the pool. It produced an instant frenzy.
   Bret and Tom watched in amazement.
   “Well, they are definitely alive,” said Tom with a smile.
   “Yes, I think they are. You aren’t going in for a dip then?”
    Tom looked at Bret. “I don’t think so.” 

The above extract is copyright © Dale Spiller 2013.

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Evershades © Dale Spiller 2013

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