Sneak Peak

Take a look at this sneak peak inside the book:

After what was a very nervy five minute walk for Bret and Tom through the dense woodland, they finally came to an open area that both of them found much more to their liking. There was a set of white buildings with bright white canvases covering them and what looked like orange trees growing in fields behind.
   “What are the buildings for?” asked Tom, who was relieved not to have monster spiders hanging over him anymore.
   “Wait and see,” replied Mike with a grin.
   “They look like wigwams,” said Bret as he straightened his shades.
   Marvin gave Bret a funny look.
   ‘Oh yeah, sorry, you’re both cowboys, aren’t you?’ thought Bret. Even though he was kind of enjoying the experience, Bret still did not trust Mike and Marvin. He was especially concerned now that they were in the middle of what seemed like nowhere, and of course there was also the fact that Mike and Marvin each had a gun.
   Tom ran over to one of the buildings. There was a gap in the canvas that covered the circular five foot high wall so he slowly looked in. ‘Fucking hell,’ he thought as he looked at the pool of water which was full to the brim with alligators. Each one was around five to six feet long.
   “What is in there?” called Bret.
   “Take a look,” replied Tom as he took a step back.
   Bret stepped up and was immediately hit by the warm humid air that was trapped under the canvas. He took off his shades as they had completely misted up. ‘Bloody hell,’ he thought as he looked at the alligators. He turned to Tom. “They don’t look real, do they? Not one of them is moving. They are like logs.”
   Suddenly the cover was lifted on the other side and Mike appeared. “This will wake them up,” he said as he emptied a bucket of raw meat into the pool. It produced an instant frenzy.
   Bret and Tom watched in amazement.
   “Well, they are definitely alive,” said Tom with a smile.
   “Yes, I think they are. You aren’t going in for a dip then?”
    Tom looked at Bret. “I don’t think so.” 

The above extract is copyright © Dale Spiller 2013.

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